Animated graphics pertaining to current trends within the mortgage industry. I design and develop these graphics to be used in a variety of places—as spotlights in Guaranteed Rate's monthly topical mass emails, the company's online blog and as social media posts for the company's corporate pages and for use by individual loan officers. The graphics are also replicated as still images on flyers and postcards.
The animations must be detailed enough to grab someone’s attention, but not so complex that a user will scroll past without interpreting their meaning. The animations distill large—sometimes abstract—concepts into distinct looping visuals that are eye-catching without losing sight or overshadowing the theme of the topics they represent. Because the graphics are also generated for print assets, it is crucial that the designs are considered from a static point of view so they can communicate the same message without animation's extra flourishes.

Feature: "What's taking new construction so long?"

Feature: "Don’t get sticker shock at closing costs"

Feature: "How to win a bidding war"

Feature: "Spring market expectations"

Feature: "Buy and finance a home—from home!"

Feature: "Stage your home for virtual tours"

Feature: "How to juggle buying and selling a home"

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